Violence at demonstrations: dead again at protest in Iran

Status: 11/18/2022 11:46 am

Thousands of people once again took to the streets in Iran during nationwide protests against the authoritarian regime. Many people died in demonstrations to commemorate the “bloody November” of 2019.

Thousands of people once again took to the streets in Iran against the authoritarian policies of the Islamic Republic. There have been reports of protests in dozens of cities, some of which have been violently put down. In many places the internet was restricted. At least 18 people are said to have been killed yesterday alone. The numbers are based on information from human rights organizations and official figures.

According to human rights organizations, at least five demonstrators were killed by security forces in the northwest on Wednesday. Both in the city of Bukan in the province of West Azerbaijan and in Sanandash, the capital of the province of Kurdistan, security forces used live ammunition against protesters.

Attack on the house where Khomeini was born

In the central metropolis of Isfahan, unknown persons are said to have killed three members of the Basij militias, state media reported. However, according to eyewitnesses, the majority of the protests in the city were peaceful.

Protesters are also said to have set fire to the birthplace of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, in the city of Khomein. Today there is a museum in the house.

Anger and horror at attack in Iseh

The death of a young boy in the southwestern city of Iseh on November 16 also caused anger and horror. There, unknown persons had shot at a crowd with assault rifles. At least nine other people were also killed. The state spoke of an “act of terrorism” by unknown attackers.

Residents and families of the victims in the city strongly denied this account. They blamed the Basij militias and Revolutionary Guards. New protests were expected for the boy’s funeral on Friday.

Nationwide commemoration of “Bloody November” 2019

Eyewitnesses in Tehran described the street protests in the capital as increasingly fearless. In the provinces, according to residents, “civil war-like” scenes took place. Activists had called for nationwide protests and strikes from November 15th to 17th. The occasion was the commemoration of “bloody November” 2019, when the security apparatus violently suppressed protests. Several hundred people are said to have been killed at the time.

Already at least 360 dead and 16,000 arrested

The latest wave of protests against the Islamic Republic’s authoritarian policies was triggered by the death of Iranian Kurd Mahsa Amini. She died in police custody on September 16 after being arrested for breaking Islamic dress codes.

According to estimates by human rights activists, at least 360 people have been killed in the course of the protests so far. The US-based organization Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) reported that 56 minors and 46 security forces were among the dead. Around 16,000 people were also arrested. The protests have covered more than 140 cities since they began.

Iranian UNICEF goodwill ambassador resigns

The well-known Canadian-based activist Hamed Esmaelion also called for international demonstrations on Saturday. Meanwhile, well-known Iranian actress Mahtab Keramati announced on Instagram that she was stepping down as ambassador for UNICEF. The 52-year-old had been accused in recent weeks of not having said enough about the protests in Iran.

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