Video: Wissing: Are on the right track with combustion engines

STORY: NOTE: This post will be broadcast without narration. O-Ton Volker Wissing (FDP), Federal Minister of Transport: “We agreed that we have to achieve our climate protection goals, but that the issue of openness to technology is also a very important factor. I see that we are on the right track because we have the same goals. Now we just need an answer as to how we are actually going to implement this. Some time has passed that I would have preferred to use differently. But now it’s not something that has to be completed within a week. Now you have to carefully answer the question: How can openness to technology be anchored in regulation? And once this question has been clarified, then we have reached our goal. My intention was always not to stop anything, but to ensure that we get good regulation. And I am convinced that this is only possible if it remains open to technology.”


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