Video: Strike paralyzes rail traffic – company spokesman

STORY: NOTE: YOU WILL RECEIVE THIS CONTRIBUTION WITHOUT VOICE TEXT. O-TON ACHIM STAUSS, DB GROUP SPOKESMAN: “The mega strike of the EVG is paralyzing the country. As here at the Berlin main station, the stations have remained empty all over Germany. This shows that people have followed our advice, their journeys, if it is possible to advance. […] Millions of passengers who depend on buses and trains are suffering from this excessive and exaggerated strike. Not everyone can work from home. Thousands of companies in the economy that usually receive or send their goods by rail also have disadvantages. Yes, and ultimately the environment and climate protection also suffer. The winners of the day are the petroleum companies. […] We have to completely stop long-distance transport today, because professional groups, all professional groups, have been called on to go on strike. So it’s of little use if you could perhaps drive an ICE for a while because you have train drivers and on-board staff, but the train then doesn’t get very far because a signal box is on strike. It is therefore correct that the trains stayed in the depot today. This will also enable us to start train traffic on Tuesday without a hitch. Train traffic has also largely come to a standstill in regional traffic and in traffic with the S-Bahn of DB Regio. Depending on the course of the strike, we may be able to run individual trains again in regional traffic during the course of the day. But that depends very much on the dynamics of the strike.”


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