Video: Strike against pension reform paralyzes train traffic in France

STORY: In France, a nationwide strike against the pension reform on Tuesday largely paralyzed rail traffic. Failures of about 80 percent of long-distance trains were reported. With the strike, which also took place again in schools and oil refineries, the unions want to increase the pressure on Macron’s government. The government, on the other hand, wants to get its plans through parliament by the end of March. The strikes have created problems for some commuters in Paris. But they show understanding: “Of course it affects me, because I have to go to work like everyone else, I don’t like the stress I have now, but the strikes are not only important, I would even say they are from It’s of the utmost importance because it’s about our pensions. It’s what you’ve worked your whole life for. So I’m not one of the protesters. But I support what they’re doing.” “This strike affects us very much. All departure times have changed, trains have been cancelled…I know it’s really for a good cause, but well, that’s the way it is.” It is already the sixth day of action against President Emmanuel Macron’s unpopular plan within several weeks. Tens of thousands of people came together in Paris, among other places, to demonstrate against the planned pension reform. Although Macron’s camp does not have an absolute majority in parliament, it can count on the support of at least parts of the conservative Les Républicains party. Nevertheless, it is unclear whether Macron will receive sufficient approval for the prestige project of his second term, or whether he will have to push it through with special constitutional rights. For weeks, polls have shown a majority rejection of the reform. The government, on the other hand, fears the collapse of the pension system.


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