Video: Stockbrokers again more optimistic about the euro economy

STORY: Stockbrokers are more optimistic about the economy in the euro area than they have been for almost a year. The corresponding barometer rose in February for the fourth month in a row – by 9.5 to minus 8 points, as the investment consulting firm Sentix announced on Monday. Financial expert Oliver Roth from Oddo Seydler Bank on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is also one of the optimists on Monday morning: “Yes, we have already seen record-breaking numbers within the first six weeks of this stock market year. Of course, we also see that we are now close to the all-time high land. And of course that also shows that we are reaching lofty heights. We now need new data, new impulses, tailwind. That can only come from the economy. And there you can really only wait. Because what we are currently seeing , is certainly more of a consolidation.” Keyword tailwind. Here is one of the top reports of the past few days. Namely the reports about the alleged Chinese spy balloon that hovered over the USA and was shot down. However, Oliver Roth also seems relaxed about this report: “So the hot air balloon affair between China and the USA is certainly not just hot air, but it is a further escalation step between the two superpowers. However, it is also foreseeable somewhere that it is always here fighting with harder bandages. Mainly on the economic side and of course it’s also about information. Nevertheless, it’s nothing that’s putting a lasting strain on the stock exchanges, because that’s ultimately priced in to a certain extent.” But experts on the stock exchange warn against exaggerated hopes in the coming weeks. Because there are many indications of a stagnation scenario. The inflation rate in Germany was still very high at 8.6 percent. This means that rising interest rates will remain an ongoing issue and are likely to slow down economic growth.


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