Video: Söder misses quarantine decision after federal-state consultations

NOTE: This post will be broadcast without a narration. O-Ton Markus Söder (CSU), Prime Minister Bavaria: “What is still missing is a few points. For example, there is no clear rule regarding quarantine, especially in critical infrastructure and other areas. If so many are contagious, then really must The federal government will clarify: How do you follow up with the contact tracing? How do you follow up with the quarantine rule? And very important: What applies to those who have recovered? The FDP is increasingly getting lost in the entire Corona policy a bit sorry, I also asked about that today. There was an evasion on the part of the FDP. If you only hear what Mr Kubicki says, in which he says that vaccination is compulsory, the vaccinated is revenge against the unvaccinated. That is completely new tone of conspiracy theory being presented which, by the way, divides society and does not bring it together. We find that eliminating the epidemic emergency was a grave mistake. We find that n Not enough action is taken against hatred and agitation by not blocking Telegram in Germany, for example, but engaging in endless dialogue with companies that are based abroad. And in this respect, one is clearly getting lost on this topic too. I understand who is annoyed and stressed by Corona. And even those who have always done well are slowly reaching their limits. And I understand that. We all feel the same way. Nevertheless, my request to just stick with it. Because what is in store for us now – I cannot predict one hundred percent and assess how dangerous it is. But everything that is there shows that it will be a challenge. And possibly a big one. “


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