Video: Small spades, great protection

Small spades, great protection

In Austria, doctors have started vaccinating even younger children against the coronavirus. The EU drug agency EMA released the BioNTEch vaccine on November 25th for the age group of 5 to 11 year olds. These parents are happy to be able to protect their children from infection. O-TON UTE WORSCH, MOTHER: “I am happy that the children’s vaccine has finally been approved. As a parent, you have a certain security. And it is an important contribution for the entire population and is absolutely necessary.” O-TON ARNO GATTERMANN, FATHER: “My wife and I have been vaccinated now, for a long time. And we just hope that when we get the virus, we will get a mild course. And whenever we have been somewhere and we have had our daughter with us, then we were both safe, but she wasn’t. And then we said: If it is possible, then we want to give it to our daughter too. ” OSTONE SIBYLLA MICHAL, MOTHER: “Well, I think it’s basically very good and that’s why I immediately decided to have my son vaccinated because there are sometimes complications with children too. Not so often, but yes also with the children Long-Covid. And I just don’t want to take that risk. ” In contrast to adults, the children receive a dose of only 10 micrograms. A booster with the same amount follows three weeks after the first vaccination. In Germany, children in the age group under 12 can currently only be vaccinated at their own risk, as the recommendation by the Stiko is still pending.


In Austria, doctors have also started vaccinating children aged 5 to 11.

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