Video: Scholz excludes delivery of fighter jets and troops to Ukraine

STORY: It is nothing unusual that during Question Time in the Bundestag, criticism of the Chancellor is not spared. Olaf Scholz received the first rebuke on Wednesday from Parliament President Bärbel Bas, albeit on a technicality. O-ton Bas: “Thank you very much for the introductory words. And, Mr. Chancellor, next time you would also welcome me as chairing the session, I would be very grateful.” Original sound Scholz: “Absolutely!” However, the main focus of the discussion was the decision by the traffic light government to send Leopard 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine. The CDU MP Jürgen Hardt welcomed this as correct, but accused Scholz of being too hesitant, which caused political damage to the crops. O-ton Scholz: “But I want to tell you very clearly: If we were to follow your advice, it would be a danger to Germany’s security. It would be a mistake, a bad one, a serious mistake, to go ahead alone on this issue, alone It is necessary to coordinate with each other, and it is very clear that the calendar we follow is not the last press release and the next press release, but what we do in close coordination with our friends and allies This is how you have to proceed if you want to ensure peace and security for Europe and Germany and if you want to help Ukraine.” Robert Farle, a non-attached MP since leaving the AfD, wanted to know whether planes and ground troops could also be sent to Ukraine. “I made it clear very early on that it’s not about fighter jets and I’m doing that here too. When there was a discussion about no-fly zones over Ukraine, I said, as did the American President, by the way: We won’t do that. And on this one attitude has not changed at all and nothing will change. And under no circumstances will we send ground troops. I said there will be no direct participation of NATO soldiers in the Ukraine war. That has not been the case so far, and That won’t be the case in the future either. Everyone can rely on that. That’s what was said from the beginning, not only by me, but also by the American President. And together, that should probably be an important word.” Scholz also rejected a report about an alleged rift with the US government. Relations between the two governments are better than they have been for a long time.


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