Video: Scholz emphasizes the importance of diplomacy towards Russia

Scholz emphasizes the importance of diplomacy towards Russia

NOTE: THIS POST DOES NOT CONTAIN NARRATOR TEXT. O-Ton Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz: “We have all made it clear that there would be serious consequences if there were military aggression. And we agree on that. Of course it is now about preventing exactly that. And that’s why It is also very important that we now recognize a large number of discussion formats in which negotiations are taking place between the USA and Russia within the framework of the NATO-Russia Council in the OSCE and in which an attempt is being made to develop a constructive path.” “What we share together is the analysis that this is a very serious situation and it is no less serious now that the talks have started. But you can see how necessary they are and we are also trying to format again.” “The French President and I have tried several times to get these talks going again and have established the necessary contacts with Ukraine and Russia. And we are very happy that the negotiators from all four sides will soon meet again to discuss to start preparatory talks.” “Indeed, it is still the case that we as the German government are in consultation with our European partners. About the question of how we will act with regard to China as far as the Olympic Games are concerned. And this process is still ongoing in every respect not completed.”


Despite the concentration of Russian troops in front of the Ukrainian border, Chancellor Olaf Scholz emphasized the continued use of all communication channels with Moscow.

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