Video: Scholz and Faeser defended the reform of the naturalization law against criticism

STORY: NOTE: This report will be broadcast without narration. O-Ton Olaf Scholz (SPD), Federal Chancellor: “Of course, not everyone who wants that can come to us. There are limits to a country’s capacity to absorb them, exceeding which would be at the expense of both the acceptance of immigration and the success of integration. The However, the reality of our country looks like this: We currently have over 45 million people in employment in Germany. That is the highest number in the history of our country. That is 45 million who pay taxes that contribute to our pension or health care system will continue to function in the future. (white flash) Clearing hurdles and delays on the way to the labor market is therefore good for our country and good for those who want to live and work here. Many have been doing this for many years, some for decades. Nine million Citizens live and work in our country without having German citizenship.” O-Ton Nancy Faeser (SPD), Federal Minister of the Interior: “We are a strong immigration country. And that must now finally be understood legally. That’s what stands above everything for me, my motivation, that we say it can can’t believe that we’re such a great immigration country, but don’t understand at all that people don’t even have the chance to obtain German citizenship here because there might be a, yes, incompatibility with dual citizenship, and the Chancellor has I just said it: 40 percent, 60 percent already have dual citizenship and I see it as a great injustice for the other 40 percent that that shouldn’t be possible.”


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