Video: Pre-Christmas classic in Dresden: 588th Striezelmarkt opened

STORY: It’s open, the 588th Striezelmarkt in Dresden. The oldest Christmas market in Germany, according to the organizers, had to pause for two years due to the corona. In addition to the world’s largest Erzgebirge step pyramid, choir singing and angel lights, there was also a giant tunnel to admire at the opening on Wednesday. Visitors from the city, state and abroad can now flock to the site in downtown Dresden. Traders should also be happy about the comeback of the market. Robert Franke, head of economic development and head of municipal markets in Dresden, reports that fewer dealers were represented on the market this year. “On the one hand, this has to do with the fact that one or the other who has now retired could not immediately find a successor. On the other hand, during the Corona years, one or the other tried internet trading and said , I’ll stick to that for the time being. And so we’re starting this year with slightly fewer dealers.” And keyword energy crisis? “All the energy issues affect us across the board in society. And in this respect we also have to deal with them here in the market. So on the one hand we see all our efforts in the past to switch to LED technology of course bearing fruit now at this point massive fruit. And we are very happy that we started on this path very early on, and that’s why we say: We won’t do without lighting, but say that this Advent season is also a very important point in time where you can help want to work light.” The mulled wine price is four to 4.50 per cup, with a four euro deposit for the ceramic cups from Lusatia, according to Heiko Meyer, chairman of the traders’ association “Historischer Altmarkt Dresden”. “We are very energy-efficient. For example, there is no infrared heating outside, there are no patio heaters, but people should warm each other up snuggly.” Visitors must be prepared for higher prices. “We have purchase prices that have risen by between 10 and 15 percent. In my industry, in the catering industry, but there are others – with wood carvers, for example, where the purchased materials are much more expensive – it’s like that there higher price increases.” The Striezelmarkt in Dresden runs until December 24th.


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