Video: Paris is sinking in the garbage

STORY: Mountains of rubbish in the foreground, the Eiffel Tower in the background. The French capital Paris is currently sinking in rubbish. It is piled up everywhere along the roadside, in some parts of the metropolis the way to work or the walk becomes an obstacle course. It stinks. And the rats find plenty of food. As in many other places in France, the garbage collectors in Paris have joined strikes against the government of Emmanuel Macron’s planned pension reforms. And the longer the strike lasts, the larger the mountains of rubbish become. “I notice that there is rubbish everywhere. The dogs are happy, they stop every 10 meters. I find this totally unacceptable because there is an imbalance between the neighborhoods and you wonder why some municipalities are not able to are to hire private companies.” “I don’t understand why some neighborhoods are fortunate enough to have private companies clean up all of this while others aren’t. And honestly, there’s an inequality that’s unhealthy.” In Paris, private and municipal companies share the garbage collection. Currently, the districts in which the municipal garbage disposal is in use are particularly affected. Critics of Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo accuse her of inaction in the face of growing mountains of rubbish. The city must oblige the staff to work or hire private companies, so the demand. The situation could get even worse. Because three waste incineration plants in the suburbs of Paris are currently on strike.


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