Video: Olympique Lyon has to pay a salary to a professional soccer player

STORY: The Icelandic international Sara Björk Gunnarsdóttir can look forward to a victory on her own behalf. A judgment that could have a signal effect. Because a Fifa tribunal decided that the top French women’s football club Olympique Lyon had to pay Iceland’s record national player more than 80,000 euros in wages that had not been transferred during her pregnancy. Her lawyer stresses that the professional footballer is about more than just the money: Alexandra Gómez Bruinewoud, FIFPro’s lawyer: “She wants players to know that this is possible and that she went through a terrible time. And that this hopefully others will be spared. This means that players no longer have to choose between their job and motherhood – but can combine the two. And that’s hard enough. But we now have a legal basis where they enjoy some protection. ” The 32-year-old midfielder has signed a two-year contract with Lyon from 2020. She now plays for Juventus Turin. Your ex-club Lyon can still appeal the verdict for about three weeks before the Court of Arbitration for Sport CAS.


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