Video: New Year celebrations around the globe

STORY: There were big, visually stunning and impressive celebrations at the beginning of the new year all over the world. It started relatively early, including in Australia. Sydney, Australia A big show was torched there at the world-famous Harbor Bridge. According to the organizers, the 12-minute firework display consisted of 100,000 individual pyrotechnic effects. Hong Kong, China Hong Kong welcomed in the new year with a multimedia light show, among other things. Only a few days earlier, the corona-related requirements in connection with group meetings had been lifted. Pyongyang, North Korea Festive images from North Korea too. According to the state media, the new year started there with an evening gala. However, the New Year celebrations were overshadowed by further reports of North Korean ballistic missile tests. Paris, France Around a million people gathered on the Parisian boulevard Champs Élysées to ring in the year 2023 with a big fireworks display. The Arc de Triomphe lit up in an eight-minute fireworks display. London, Great Britain The New Year was also heralded in the British capital with a large firework display. The legendary Big Ben provided the appropriate sound. New York, USA Celebrations also took place in New York’s Times Square. But instead of fireworks, sparking emotions could be observed. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil The sky also shone at Copacabana. The organizers counted around two million participants at the New Year’s celebration there. Santos, Brazil And finally observations from Santos. This is where looking back into the past met the joy of the new year: an elaborate drone show showed images related to the recently deceased football idol Pelé. He was 82 years old and had made the place on the coast not far from São Paulo world famous.


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