Video: Mobile World Congress opened in Barcelona

STORY: Who pays for the construction of expensive network infrastructure in Europe? These and other questions have dominated the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona since Monday. Last week, the EU started consultations on its so-called “fair share proposals”: Large technology companies should assume more costs for the expansion of 5G and broadband connections. Telcos like Deutsche Telekom or Orange want content providers like Netflix or Meta to make a bigger contribution. Critics argue that this could prompt bandwidth-hungry platforms to prefer to outsource their services. In addition, AI systems such as ChatGPT or the 5G technology itself will certainly provide topics of conversation in Barcelona. John Hoffman is the head of the GSMA association and represents more than 750 mobile phone companies worldwide. “5G is probably the most important topic. We will have a lot of discussions about the development plan. What comes after 5G? And how will it affect businesses and consumers?” The presentation of new products will also play a role again. Huawei and Xiaomi are just two of the mobile giants looking to unveil their latest offerings. More than 80,000 visitors are expected.


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