Video: “Lip Service” – Londoners on the Queen’s word of power in the Andrew case

‘Lip service’ – Londoners on Queen’s power word in Andrew case

Sidelined, sidelined, stripped of all royal titles – that was the front page news in the British press on Friday. It was – of course – about Prince Andrew, second eldest and supposedly favorite son of the Queen. According to Buckingham Palace, Andrew has returned all military titles and royal patronage to her. He also no longer has the right to be addressed as “Royal Highness” – so he is, at least officially, no longer a member of the royal family. Andrew could find himself in court in the US – possibly later this year. Virginia Giuffre accuses him of sexual abuse. The Queen made it clear that he will have to answer for himself as a private person. What are their subjects saying? Voices from London. “I think that’s lip service to show people: I understand that what Andrew may have done is perceived as wrong, that the royals are not untouchable. I don’t find that surprising.” “He is at least responsible for the fact that it has come to this. For the time of the legal dispute, whether guilty or not, I think he should not be able to make use of these titles and honors.” “He’s innocent until proven otherwise. But it looks like he might be on trial, so I guess it was the Queen’s right decision.” Clearly, the queen distances herself from her son in order to protect the continued existence of the monarchy as a form of government. In the year of her 70th anniversary of the throne, she should be all the more determined not to alienate the British.


Andrew could find himself in court in the US – possibly later this year.

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