Video: Large parts of Pakistan without electricity

STORY: A large part of the 220 million Pakistanis currently have to get by without electricity. The country is working flat out to supply its citizens with electricity again. In some places there is electricity again, Energy Minister Khurram Dastgir wrote on Twitter on Monday evening. For example in parts of the capital Islamabad and in the southwestern province of Balochistan. The power was out across the country as early as Monday morning. The reason for this are fluctuations in the network, explained the Ministry of Energy. Many people have no drinking water because the pumps are powered by electricity. Internet and cellphone service also failed. Hospitals and some companies were powered by emergency generators. It was the second major power outage in Pakistan in three months. Smaller, localized failures occur almost every day. The system is outdated and there is no money for modernization. According to experts, there is enough capacity in Pakistan to meet the needs of the population. However, the industry is so heavily indebted that there are no investments in infrastructure and power lines.


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