Video: Investigations in Bad Lobenstein

STORY: A hunting lodge in the sights of the investigators. In the building in Bad Lobenstein, Thuringia, police officers searched for a possible weapons depot on Wednesday evening. Previously, emergency services in Frankfurt am Main had the squire of the castle, Heinrich XIII. Prince Reuss arrested in a large-scale, nationwide raid against so-called Reich citizens. The aristocrat is suspected of being the head of a gang that forged plans to overthrow the establishment of a new “German Reich”. The group is said to have gathered for conspiratorial meetings in his castle in the Lobenstein district of Saaldorf. The deputy mayor of Bad Lobenstein, Andree Burkhardt, was relieved about the arrest of the prince on Thursday. He himself only knows him from sight, he says. He still got things to do with him, like everyone else in town. “All citizens of Bad Lobenstein received a letter in the summer in which we were informed that we are not German. Because we do not have German passports. And there we were given the opportunity in the Russian administration. Our German certificate of descent apply. Of course, that has already caused an incredible outcry among the population.” As far as the raids are concerned, Burkhardt sees the citizenry in Saaldorf very divided. He’s not really afraid. “I’m saying that because I think democracy and our law enforcement agencies have it under control. But I’m concerned when I see how things are developing. You have to be honest about that. But fear would be wrong .” Some citizens found clear words on the streets of Bad Lobenstein on Thursday. “I don’t have anything to do with the people, or certainly most of them. Nothing at all. What they call themselves, the XIII or the XVIII, I don’t care. We really don’t want anything to do with that.” “I experienced that, this letter or this post was also in our mailbox. The bad thing is that it is always anonymous, that there is no name on it or sender or any indication of who it is. It does worry you, how often Bad Lobenstein is in the headlines now and actually won’t be out this year.” Meanwhile, the investigations continued at the Jagdschloss. Thuringia’s Interior Minister Georg Maier said on “Deutschlandfunk” that he expected further arrests. According to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Karlsruhe, around 20 of the 25 people arrested on Wednesday are now in custody. Other suspects were to be brought before the magistrate.


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