Video: Indonesia: Rescue work after the earthquake is difficult

STORY: The search and rescue work in the Cianjur area about 75 kilometers southeast of the Indonesian capital Jakarta is in full swing the day after the severe earthquake. Dozens of people died on Monday as a result of the earthquake and hundreds were injured. iA man is looking for his relatives: “I am here because I need to find my family – my sister-in-law. She was buried under this landslide. There were three of them – a mother and her two children. I am all yesterday afternoon Walked here from where I live. When I got here I saw the dramatic devastation. All the houses are just buried under the ground.” A member of the rescue team describes the situation: “The rescue work is difficult because the ground is sticky and our material for the search is insufficient. We simply don’t have enough excavators here.” According to the local civil protection, thousands of houses were destroyed. According to the authorities, the earthquake had a magnitude of 5.6. The epicenter was in the city of Cianjur at a depth of around ten kilometers. The earthquake was felt even in Jakarta.


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