Video: hostage-taking ended: the police in Karlsruhe arrested the suspect

STORY: Large-scale police operation in Karlsruhe. There, an initially unknown person took several people hostage in a pharmacy on Friday. According to the police, a male suspect was arrested around 9:10 p.m. A special police unit had previously entered the pharmacy. The building had been searched. According to preliminary findings, there were no injured people. Earlier in the evening, Dennis Krull, spokesman for the Karlsruhe police, appeared before the press. “What I can tell you at the moment is that there are still several hostages in the pharmacy at the moment. Fortunately, no hostages were physically injured. And I ask for your understanding that we have the number of possible perpetrators or the perpetrator or more possible demands and ransom demands cannot provide any information for tactical reasons.” The hostage-taking began in the afternoon. The police were called around half past four, the police spokesman said. The pharmacy is in the city center on Ettlinger Strasse. At first nothing was known about the background of the crime.


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