Video: Hamburg: Amokschütze was a former member of Jehovah’s Witnesses

STORY: (NOTE: THIS ARTICLE IS WITHOUT SPEAKER TEXT) The police, prosecutors and interior authorities shared further details about the alleged perpetrator, who killed seven people and then himself on Thursday evening, at a press conference in Hamburg on Friday. Andy Grote, Senator for the Interior: “This is the worst crime, the worst crime, in our city’s recent history. And we most likely owe it to the very, very quick and decisive intervention of the police forces that not here there are still more victims to mourn.” Matthias Tresp, head of the security police: “Before the perpetrator entered the building himself, he came from the north side of the building, imagine the street here, he approached the building on the right, while there was a community event in this community hall on the ground floor took place with about 50 guests. Before he acted on the building, this perpetrator noticed a woman in the parking lot there who was maneuvering with a vehicle. He shot the vehicle in which a woman was. “We currently have ten bullet wounds on this vehicle. The woman was able to flee in her car with minor injuries. She then reported to the police from another location immediately afterwards. The perpetrator then used the gun through the window to impact the event. Is in the In the further course, he entered the building through the window, constantly using firearms agents.” Thomas Radszuweit, Head of State Security: “This killing spree was committed by the 35-year-old German national Philipp F. From the criminal police’s point of view, as we have just heard from the public prosecutor’s office, he has not yet appeared as a suspect. He was also killed in the Church of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Apparently he turned his gun on himself when the emergency services arrived. Philipp F. is a former member of this community of Jehovah’s Witnesses, who voluntarily joined the community about a year and a half ago, but apparently not in the Guten He was apparently single, had lived and worked in Hamburg since 2014. Philipp F. had a gun permit as a marksman and was therefore in legal possession of a Heckler and Koch P 30 firearm the murder weapon found on the ground next to the perpetrator.” // “Based on the previous witness statements, the cartridge cases and magazines found and the available image material, it can be assumed that Philipp F. acted alone. The motive for the act cannot yet be determined with certainty. Our investigations are continuing here. Clues for there is currently no political motivation for the act.”


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