Video: Habeck: Heating conversion must not become a social problem

STORY: Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck wants to accompany the increased switch to climate-friendly heating systems from 2024 with a social support program worth billions. This should ensure that households with low and middle incomes in particular could also afford this change, the Greens politician announced on Thursday. In contrast to the current situation, the subsidy should be based on income. The exchange and climate neutrality should not and will not become a social problem, said Habeck. “Without wanting to spread clichés, but if you have no idea how to renovate a villa for ten million, then you will also be able to install a heat pump. That shouldn’t make the difference. But if you have a small house, tight savings and then the oil heating is broken and you should now go to climate neutrality, but there is a lack of money, then the difference has to be bridged as far as possible.” There will also be numerous exceptions to the requirement that new heating systems must be operated with at least 65 percent “renewable energies”. Existing gas or oil heaters would not be banned, Habeck said. According to Habeck, the Federal Government is still voting on the specifications planned from 2024 for a 65 percent share of “renewable energies” in heating installation or replacement. A first joint draft law from Habeck’s department and the building ministry by Klara Geywitz met with sharp rejection from the FDP. “If we now fall back into the comfort zone of not daring to tackle problems just because they are complex or large. Then we will not only fail to meet the climate protection goals and then have to justify ourselves at some point, but we will also become international lose competitiveness.” The expansion of production capacities for the energy transition is also to be funded. There are intensive talks with the EU Commission about supporting the ramp-up of production, for example of heat pumps, solar panels, batteries or semiconductors with guarantees.


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