Video: Habeck: 500,000 heat pumps per year are feasible

STORY: NOTE: This post will be broadcast without narration. O-Ton Robert Habeck (Greens), Federal Minister of Economics: “Today we have installed 1.4 million heat pumps. In order to achieve our goals, we want to achieve six million heat pumps by 2030. That means that we will then have to install an annual average of 500,000 heat pumps “The strong news of the day is that the production side can handle that ramp up, so we’re going to be able to produce those 500,000 heat pumps. That wasn’t a clear statement four and a half months ago. So that means we’re going with the Climate protection literally – and here we are actually seeing it now on the ground – creating jobs and added value An industrial booster that is noticeable here in Germany and in Europe in concrete added value on site, in industrial production or in orders for craftsmen and women We, the federal government, support the ramp-up of heat pumps through extensive funding programs, i ie are available for application, which can decrease over 1/3 of the costs.”


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