Video: Germany starts against Japan in the World Cup

STORY: The World Cup has not even started for the German national team. And yet national coach Hansi Flick is already plagued by personnel concerns. Because Leroy Sané, who was actually set for the opening game against Japan, is out with knee problems. Flick left open who will replace him. As is most of the rest of the lineup. Just this much: Manuel Neuer will be in goal and Antonio Rüdiger will organize the German defense. The press conference before the game was initially not about sport at all, but about Fifa’s ban on the “One Love” armband. “You don’t have time to react anymore. And that’s why the associations said, of course, that we don’t want to chase the players in there, we’re taking the pressure off. And that’s reasonable, in my opinion. That’s why it’s there now just the way it is. And I think it’s a shame that you can’t even stand up for human rights.” Many players from the opening opponent Japan are well known from the Bundesliga. Flick has a lot of respect for them: “I have to come out as a fan of Japanese football a bit. I think you have a team, players who are very well trained, both technically and tactically. And they do it really well. And it is precisely the quality that we are now seeing in the Bundesliga, Kamada at Frankfurt is simply having an outstanding season, Endo has been one of the best midfielders in Germany for me in the Bundesliga for the last two years, so I think it is It’s a very big task that we have tomorrow. But, as I said before, we’re going into this game well prepared. And we’re happy that it’s really starting now.” With all the praise for the opponent: The German team is clearly the favorite on the first day of Group E. A win against Japan is almost a must for a good start to the World Cup.


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