Video: Fan Zone in Qatar: Expensive beer and hot temperatures

STORY: There are only a few days left until the World Cup starts in Qatar. For those fans who have made it there, the expansive grounds of the Fifa Fan Festival in Doha await. It offers space for 40,000 people every day, all World Cup games are shown here on large screens. The site was specially connected to a new subway line for the World Cup. There is also alcohol, but a can of beer is not cheap. For half a liter of Budweiser, the fan has to shell out around 13 euros 50. According to the organizers, this corresponds to the prices of other international events. Gerdine Lindhout from Fifa’s marketing department assures that they try their best: “So we really try to do justice to all fans. All groups, all people who like alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. We have something for everyone and we are called everyone welcome too.” Anyone who comes here should definitely take sun protection with them. At the press conference on Wednesday, the temperature at 1 p.m. was over 30 degrees. At this time during the tournament, the first game begins. No problem, says Mead al Emadi, who is the director of the fan festival: “If they want to enjoy the sun, they will come and enjoy it. And then they can go to the beaches that we activate during the World Cup. Or they can come at night and enjoy your time here.” Between games, visitors will be entertained with music and laser shows. There are also a number of activities by the World Cup sponsors. So famous ex-soccer players from all over the world will be regular visitors.


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