Video: Faeser on Corona demonstrations: “Don’t let right-wing extremists use you”

Note: This post will be sent to you with no narration. O-TON NANCY FAESER (SPD), FEDERAL MINISTER OF THE INTERIOR “I renew my appeal to the people: On the one hand, please take a look, who are you taking to the streets with? Don’t let right-wing extremists and right-wing radicals use you for their interests against the State. The second thing is: I ask that if these are meetings that can be planned, they are at the moment, it’s not about content that suddenly comes up now, when of course the right of assembly from our Basic Law must also take place spontaneously at any time, but It’s about demonstrations that can be planned, please register them, don’t make it so difficult for our security authorities.” // “These days, when we have a vague picture of what is going on at the demonstrations, when people are now organizing many meetings in a very targeted, decentralized manner, in order to make life more difficult for the police, we have to address it as what it is “It is completely clear that in terms of police forces you cannot always be there with the same forces at the same time. And I have a lot of understanding for that. And this also leads to sometimes difficult demonstrations, where you ask yourself why not earlier intervened? Sometimes that’s not possible because there aren’t enough police on site.” // “We have a very different picture. Well, we definitely have, if you look at Telegram, where we are taking action against hatred and hate speech or calls for murder that are not deleted. But what Telegram does is that they, for example delete pornographic content much earlier than Facebook, for example. Well, there are also very big differences between the individual operators and we have to have the legal instruments to ensure that these operators are asked to block this criminally relevant content immediately.”


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