Video: Faeser: Banning “One Love” armband is a big mistake

STORY: NOTE: This report is sent without narration Original sound Nancy Faeser (SPD), Federal Minister of the Interior: “Ladies and gentlemen, Fifa’s decision to ban the wearing of the bandage as a sign of openness and diversity is a big mistake, which tears the hearts of the fans. I believe that it must be possible to stand up for openness and diversity, and to stand up for it openly. That’s why I very much regret the decision of the eight European associations to bow to Fifa’s decision “Now that’s exactly what’s happening that we always wanted to avoid, which is why I went to Qatar early. It’s now being played on the players’ backs. And that’s exactly what shouldn’t happen. (White flash) As the responsible sports minister, I have a big one Responsibility for our team and above all for the fans, which is why I decided to fly to Doha to address the issues there in. It’s a difficult road, but I think it’s important that we continue to discuss human rights with the decision-makers there, to address the difficult issues there and to show our clear stance on respecting human rights there.”


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