Video: Drosten: “We have this vaccination gap in Germany.”

Drosten: “We have this vaccination gap in Germany.”

(NOTE: THIS ARTICLE IS WITHOUT SPEAKER TEXT.) O-TON CHRISTIAN DROSTEN, DIRECTOR INSTITUTE FOR VIROLOGY, CHARITÉ BERLIN: “We have this vaccination gap in Germany. That’s three million over 60-year-olds who are not vaccinated at all and probably still are had no infection. And you could increase this number, because you now know that you really need the third vaccination for this omicron virus in order to be properly protected. And that’s almost nine million in this age group. And that’s yes the vulnerable age group.” // “We will probably also have to adjust the vaccination again. There will have to be an adapted vaccination and we may then, from the second quarter, provide large parts of the population, maybe even all of them, with an update vaccination against Omikron must be provided so that we both have this broader vaccination, against both types. So, against the new virus Omicron and against all previously existing viruses that belong to another former serotype.”


The Charité virologist Christian Drosten points out that the vaccination will probably have to be checked again.

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