Video: Dreyer: “Come back to the Ahr Valley”

Dreyer: “Come back to the Ahr Valley”

The Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, Malu Dreyer, visited the Ahr Valley on Wednesday. In the small town of Schuld, which was hit by the flood about six months ago, she got an overview of the situation and called on people to go on vacation again. O-TON MALU DREYER, PRESIDENT OF THE MINISTER OF RHINE-PALATINATE: “The landscape here is still beautiful. The people are still just as hospitable as before. A lot is doable and accessible again here, and you can enjoy nature just as it used to Big, big request to the people who are connected with the Ahr Valley: Come back to the Ahr Valley. The Ahr Valley is also dependent on people coming back to tourism here, happy to come back here. ” In Schuld, the residents are still busy with clearing and construction work. Many complain that there is a lack of money and that some people are still waiting for the money from the insurance companies. In addition, many people have moved away. The place was hit by a flood in July last year. Several dozen people were killed here. Most of the houses were destroyed.