Video: Christmas atmosphere in Munich

Christmas mood in Munich

Usually the idea prevails that Santa Claus comes through the air on a sleigh, pulled by reindeer. On Friday, however, he and his angel explored the underwater world for once. And that’s why he went underground at Sea Life in Munich. General Manager Patrick Verbaast said: “At the end of the day, our job is to offer people a nice distraction. And what could be nicer during this period of the year than St. Nicholas? The children are happy that we now have the opportunity here to let Nikolaus dive with his help, with the angel. That is just great entertainment for us and is also a great opportunity for our team to finally do something else than check vaccination cards and identity cards at the entrance. ” The aim is to ensure good entertainment. And then the so-called 2G-Plus rule also applies in Sea Life, as in many places in Bavaria. That means: Vaccinated and convalescent people need an additional negative test in order to get in. This also creates more work for the operator. But at least this avoids the need for a lockdown despite the high corona incidence numbers in Bavaria.


Nicholas and crew explore underwater worlds in the Sea Life Aquarium.

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