Video: Champions League: Bayern Munich women meet Arsenal

STORY: Big things are coming up for Bayern Munich’s football women on Tuesday evening. In the quarter-final first leg of the Champions League, they will host the Arsenal FC players. The game will be played in the Allianz Arena, and more than 17,000 tickets have already been sold in advance. Bayern coach Alexander Straus expects an opponent at eye level. In his estimation, the English women have a similar individual quality as Bayern. Midfielder Sarah Zadrazil sees it similarly: “The Champions League is then always a different level than maybe some league games. And we know that Arsenal has extremely high quality. Individually, but also as a team. And I think we always want each other compete with the best. We have the chance to do it again tomorrow, in a great stadium. We’re just all looking forward to it. And yes, now it’s quarter-finals, there just has to be a winner. And I think it’s a bit like 50: 50. We’re all kind of at that level now. I think all eight teams that are still here. I’m looking forward to a huge fight. But I do believe that a lot is possible for us this year.” In any case, a lack of self-confidence shouldn’t be a problem. Bayern have only won in the Bundesliga since October 23 and conceded only four goals in a total of 15 games this season.


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