Video: Burrows in Guatemala: Two people missing

STORY: Two gaping holes – in the middle of a road in Guatemala. On Saturday, the earth suddenly opened up in the city of Villanueva – at least two people were still missing on Sunday. Three others were injured. They had fallen with their vehicle into one of the approximately 15 meter deep holes in the ground. Rescue services were able to recover them a few hours later. Soldiers were also deployed to search for the two missing persons. Guatemalan civil protection workers are investigating whether there is a danger to residents in the area and what caused the accident. Holes like these are not uncommon in Guatemala. Most of the time they appear without warning. In 2007, the country’s largest sinkhole to date swallowed houses and a truck, killing three people. In 2010, a three-story building disappeared when the ground suddenly gave way beneath it.


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