Video: Bureaucratic and complicated – Union criticizes gas price brake

STORY: (NOTE: THIS ARTICLE IS WITHOUT SPEAKER TEXT) UNION DEPUTY FACTION LEADER JENS SPAHN (CDU): “It’s today, November 22, 2022. It’s cold. People turn up their heating and they still don’t know to this day whether they will be able to afford it at all this winter. The traffic light wasted the summer. It wasted the autumn. Although it was and is foreseeable for months that we will have financial support for the private sector for this winter and for the coming months Households and for the economy in Germany. Now there are the first draft laws, finally one has to say for the electricity price brake and the gas price brake.” // “Well, it’s still completely unclear when there will be clarity. Secondly, when you first look through it, it seems very, very bureaucratic and complicated. It’s good that the aid will be available as early as January, from January 1st January, possibly paid out retrospectively, then in March, but from January 1. But when you read that, it is very, very complicated for companies, for industry, for medium-sized businesses, and for trades in Germany, and it is still so today the question of whether it is still open, whether this can be achieved at all under EU law.” // “Millions of people in Germany, who also have very high energy prices, for oil, for pellets, who benefit, and certainly not in a plannable way, not from the measures proposed so far. We as a Union will look at this constructively. We want that the people that the economy gets financial bridges and support for this winter. We think the idea behind it is a good one, that’s what we’ve been proposing for months, but it has to be implemented properly now.”


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