Video: Berlin’s Governing Mayor Giffey: “The Berlin Senate will not lodge a complaint”

STORY: (NOTE: THIS ARTICLE IS WITHOUT SPEAKER TEXT) Berlin’s Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey on Wednesday in Berlin: “This decision has been announced for a few weeks. And I can tell you that Berlin is now facing a challenging situation, which is also in a crisis situation I am responsible myself today, but I was not responsible when this election was made.” // “We respect this verdict. The Berlin Senate will not lodge any complaints against it. And we will do everything we can to prepare a smooth election on the one hand and to implement a Senate capable of acting here in the next few weeks in such a way that this state government shows: We get Berlin through the crisis well. We’ll take care of the tasks that are pending now.” // “It is still our job to get Berlin through this crisis well. And the prospect must be that a Senate capable of acting, now in the crisis, also under the auspices of a repeat election, together with the districts, will do everything to get the population To make a contribution to ensuring that the energy supply is secured, that we continue to pursue our energy-saving goals, and that we do everything we can to ensure that our private households and social institutions, but also the Berlin economy, all our Businesses and companies get through this crisis well.”


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