Video: Berlin: Solidarity with the demonstrating women in Iran

STORY: On Wednesday, people took to the streets in Berlin again to show solidarity with the protests by women in Iran and to commemorate the death of Mahsa Amini. The largest of the demonstrations in the capital on Wednesday took place in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Green co-boss Ricarda Lang also spoke there. “We must stand with them. Politically, with sanctions on Iran, we must stand with them in making their fate visible. And most importantly, we must stand with them in standing here today . But still standing here next week, but also still standing here the week after next and also in a few months.” The police expected around 300 participants at the beginning of the demonstration. The association HÁ called for the rally. Among the demonstrators was CDU politician Julia Klöckner. “It can’t be that women are worth less than men. That their appearance, their clothing, their body is responsible for whether a certain morality is observed. That young women have to lose their lives just because they didn’t wear the headscarf properly have, that’s absurd, something like that.” People also came together in front of the Reichstag building. “Today is the 13th day in a row that there have been demonstrations and protests in Iran and so far, according to the information we had, 240 people have died, 12,000 young people have been imprisoned and even a student has been there and a lot injured. Germany and the EU and the international community as a whole can exert pressure and get the detainees released,” said Javad Dabiran from the so-called National Council of Resistance. Because of the action against the women’s protests in Iran, the federal government had summoned the Iranian ambassador. The 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was arrested by the vice squad in Tehran a little over a week ago for violating the strict Islamic dress code and allegedly wearing her headscarf improperly. She was dead a little later. Shortly thereafter, numerous angry protests broke out across the country, which were also generally directed against restrictions on personal freedom rights in Iran. Dozens of people died as a result. The protests continue.


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