Video: Auction in the USA: Spiderman beats Superman

Auction in the USA: Spiderman beats Superman

This single page from a Spiderman comic fetched $3.36 million at auction in Dallas. The illustration comes from comic artist Mike Zeck and shows Spiderman for the first time in a black spider suit. This is page 25 of the 1984 Marvel Comic entitled “Secret Wars No.8”. Unique, says Joe Maddalena of Heritage Auctions. “The amazing thing is that just a few minutes later we auctioned off the last surviving copy of Superman’s first appearance for around $3.2 million. So Spiderman beat Superman, unbelievable.” In both cases, it was not initially known who was awarded the contract.


Several comics went under the hammer this week in Dallas. The contract was awarded in two special cases, each for astonishingly high sums.

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