Video: Alster swans move |

STORY: The experienced Alster swans in Hamburg already know this: When the temperatures drop and winter is announced, the move to the winter quarters is imminent. On Tuesday it was time again. The proud birds were collected and taken to the Eppendorf mill pond in small blue boats. Right in the middle was the so-called swan father Olaf Nieß. Incidentally, the Swan Father’s post has existed since 1674, making it the oldest administrative post in the city. The city’s website states that an old legend says that Hamburg will remain a free and economically successful Hanseatic city as long as only proud swans make their rounds on the Alster. It is not permitted to “insult, injure or even kill” the stately poultry. Around 30 swans were brought to their winter quarters on Tuesday. The rest of the approximately 120 animals only have to be caught in the Alster canals in the coming days.


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