Video: Almost six years in prison in the “NSU 2.0” process

STORY: Five years and ten months – that’s the verdict for the accused in the so-called “NSU 2.0” trial before the district court in Frankfurt am Main. The court considered it proven that the 54-year-old accused had sent hateful messages to public figures and to authorities and institutions. The threats were signed “NSU 2.0”. The term “NSU 2.0” alluded to the right-wing extremist group that murdered nine migrants and a police officer from 2000 to 2007. The judges found the accused guilty of threats and insults, among other things. The defendant had denied all allegations against him in the trial. The threatening emails from the sender NSU 2.0 caused a stir, especially in Hesse, because they contained data that could be traced back to access to a database of the Hessian police. However, the court assumed that the defendant acted alone. The party leader of the left, Janine Wissler, who also received a threatening letter, has her doubts: “I think the single perpetrator thesis is problematic, because of course the question is how is a single person from Berlin able to get so much data, there were data queries at the police station and they found out that there were right-wing chat groups in the police force. Nobody made that up, but police investigations revealed that these chat groups existed so this is of course an important question for the clarification of the entire complex: Is there a network and who was involved in it?” The investigations into the retrieval of the private data of those affected on police computers must be vigorously continued, demanded Wissler and other affected parties.


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