Video: After travel cancellation: Queen spends night in the hospital

After travel cancellation: Queen spends the night in the hospital

Continue to worry about the Queen. Buckingham Palace has announced that the 95-year-old monarch spent the night from Wednesday to Thursday at this hospital in central London. Exactly why this was necessary has not been revealed. Palace representatives spoke of necessary “preliminary investigations”. The 95-year-old Queen has now resumed work and is in good spirits, it was said. In the past few days, the Queen had canceled a trip to Northern Ireland on the advice of her doctors for health reasons. The monarch had previously appeared with an assistant for the very first time. On two occasions she showed herself with a stick. But then also appeared again without him. The queen is considered to be extremely disciplined. She should only cancel agreed appointments with great reluctance and always with great regret.


The reason for this was preliminary examinations, said Buckingham Palace about the 95-year-olds’ stay in the clinic.

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