Video: 1. FC Köln is optimistic about the top game

The coach of Bundesliga club 1. FC Köln, Steffen Baumgart, is confident about the home game against record champions Bayern Munich. O-TON STEFFEN BAUMGART, TRAINER 1. FC KÖLN: “And I’m just looking forward to the game. That I want to win against Bayern, for God’s sake. I don’t know anyone, haven’t met anyone who doesn’t want that. But there it is Yes, the attraction is there. And we will do everything we can to still play our football, to stay with us, to remain clear. And yet I have a good feeling that it can definitely succeed. And not because I’ve already got 3 :2, but because you can get Bayern with a very, very good performance, with an excellent performance. I think that’s clear. But as I said, there’s far too much talk for me about the fact that none of us have a chance We have a chance. But we have a chance. We have a great chance of winning on Saturday. Unlikely, everyone can do the math for themselves. I think there are chances of winning the game and we want to do everything we can. Let’s see what comes out.” Julian Nagelsmann, coach of the current league leaders from Bavaria, paid tribute to the Cologne team during his press conference on Friday in Munich: “What impresses me the most is simply the way that they also follow through with this offensive concept. They are always courageous when they start and often defend very high, they press aggressively, of course they have one or the other situation where they get a counterattack too, they didn’t get that many counterattacks, but they got a lot of counterattacks against them, because they just have this courageous approach, but They pull that off too. And then it doesn’t really matter whether they’re playing against a relegation contender or against a championship contender. That always makes them similar.” Kick-off is on Saturday at 3.30 p.m., in front of around 750 spectators due to the corona.


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