VfL Wolfsburg: Retired Max Kruse falls out for weeks

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It’s a pity for Kruse, but maybe that’s also a reflection of his unhealthy lifestyle.

Since the summer of 2020, MK has missed exactly 13 league games due to (two) injuries. For someone over 30, and an offensive player at that, that’s not really that much.

It’s quite adventurous to jump on this populist train. Even more so since you yourself concede that this injury could be based on causality.

But Kruse offers the target with his lifestyle himself. And that a body with an unhealthy lifestyle is not as efficient as one that is designed for it should be clear to everyone.
This includes susceptibility to injury.

Missing 13 league games is good, but the older you get, the more you have to do for your body in order to remain as efficient as before, because unfortunately your ability to perform decreases with age. This also means that Kruse’s behavior in relation to his performance has increased over the years and his body has become “weaker”.

But I didn’t want to jump on populist media reports, because at least it’s a logical chain. But so much for theory – maybe it was just bad luck?!

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