Veronica Ferres: His pill addiction plunged us into a crisis – people

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Movie star Veronica Ferres (56) opens her heart about a difficult time with her husband Carsten Maschmeyer (62) experienced. The entrepreneur became addicted to sleeping pills a few years ago due to work stress.

Actress Veronica Ferres on April 12 in MunichPhoto: Getty Images for WMF

Love Crisis!

“At the time I said: We are no longer together as husband and wife, but I will take you there like a sister,” says Ferres now on the talk show “Best Filling” by Johannes B. Kerner (57, from April 21 at magenta tv). “We’ll see if we still have a chance after that.”

Ferres and Maschmeyer got together in 2009. In 2010 he went into therapy for his addiction. Ferres: “I was solely responsible for his life, which was highly endangered. It could easily have turned out differently.”

Veronica Ferres did not want to comment on a BILD request.

Ferres also talked about…

… your childhood: “I grew up with my two older brothers in the coal and potato pile – was in their aisle. They threw coal at each other in the cornfield, I was allowed to stand guard and whistle when the enemy was approaching. An adventurous life, close to nature with wonderful moral and ethical values, instilled in us by our parents.”

… rebellion in youth: “I had such long hair and my mother said, ‘You can’t go to school with your hair down, we don’t want that. It’s not decent to be brought up as a strict Catholic.’ As soon as I was around the corner, I undid my hair again. And then the neighbor called my mother and said, ‘Did you know that she is doing her hair?’ You go crazy as a young, creative person, you have to get out somehow. I didn’t really give my mother a chance, I ran away when I was 17. That was hard for her. But I had no other chance to free myself from it.”

… life dreams: “Look at biographies about people who didn’t grow up with a golden spoon and didn’t get to live what they dreamed of right away. Many have a very special way of life! I’ve always believed in the power of dreams. Dreams kept me going in a middle-class town, which I wouldn’t have gotten through relatively unscathed without dreams.”

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