Vaucluse: what we know after the discovery of two dead babies in a freezer

Whereas the frozen bodiesChildren of two babies were found in a mother’s freezer on Thursday of Bédoin (Vaucluse), the police custody of the suspect was extended this Friday, announces the public prosecutor of Carpentras, Hélène Mourges.

A preliminary investigation has been opened for the murder of a minor under the age of 15 and entrusted to the Carpentras gendarmerie brigade. The Carpentras prosecution has withdrawn in favor of the investigation center of the Avignon judicial court, Hélène Mourges announced Friday at midday, specifying that the suspect would be presented to a judge in the afternoon.

Who is the suspect?

The 41-year-old suspect, arrested on the spot, has been in custody since 11 a.m. Thursday. According to information from France 3, she is a mother of three daughters, the eldest is said to be 19 years old. His lawyer, quoted by Dauphine Libere, believes that this discovery occurs in a “particular” context. The suspect would be “a courageous woman who assumes”. She would have given birth alone three years ago at her home.

“At this stage, the statements during police custody remain evolving on the course of the facts”, indicates the public prosecutor. The mother of the family was subjected to psychological and psychiatric examinations.

Who gave the alert?

It is a man, whose relationship with the suspect is unknown, who alerted the gendarmerie of the neighboring town of Mormoiron. According Provencemoreover, one of the daughters of the mother, aged 16, would have made the discovery.

What do we know about little victims?

At this stage, it is still impossible to specify the sex of the babies, as well as their possible links between them or with the woman in custody. The autopsies of the two bodies will be carried out at the forensic institute of the Nîmes hospital on Monday at 10 a.m., “in order to determine the causes and consequences of death”.

“It is difficult at this stage to give details,” insisted the public prosecutor of Carpentras on Thursday, adding that “samples have been taken” to learn more about the two children. “The autopsy will tell us more”, added the prosecutor, specifying that it could only take place within “a certain period”, “because all precautions have been taken to preserve all the scientific evidence”.

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