Vaccines dangerous to our health?

Oh my fake – Dangerous vaccines for our health?

Could messenger RNA vaccines alter our DNA? And they cause cancer? This is what you can read in the book that has been the most sold in recent weeks. The problem is that this is absolutely not what the science says! With OhMyFake, we come back to the untruths of Alexandra Henrion-Caude’s book.

On March 8, the latest book by Alexandra Henrion-Caude was published, entitled “The Sorcerer’s Apprentices, everything we hide from you about messenger RNA”. And in just 4 days, it sold over 15,000 copies, and rose to the top of the charts! A real success, which earned its author to be the guest of many media such as CNews or Sud Radio. But then, why is this book so interesting?

Well because it’s a pamphlet against vaccines that use messenger RNA. And this is particularly the case with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that we used against Covid-19! To sum up, this book consists in explaining how these vaccines which have been injected into millions of French people are in fact extremely dangerous for our health! Except that among his many arguments, many turn out to be completely false…

Be strong against fake news

OMF Oh My Fake on SnapchatDiscover, it is the 20 Minutes program that makes you strong against fake news, and more broadly invites you to understand the springs and psychological biases that encourage sharing and virality. Beyond knowing if “It’s true or it’s false”, the important thing is rather to understand “Why did we believe it? », by analyzing the mechanisms that make rumours, often fake, attractive to the point that even seasoned minds – like yours! – can succumb to it.

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