Vaccination certificates in the EU: What does the extension of the Covid certificates mean?

Status: 06/14/2022 8:10 p.m

The digital corona vaccination certificates within the EU should be valid until the end of June 2023. What needs to be considered? And why do people without a third vaccination have to be careful?

By Matthias Reiche, ARD Studio Brussels

In the recent past, hardly anyone had to show their digital vaccination certificate. However, it cannot be ruled out that EU member states will reintroduce certain protective measures in autumn and winter, says EU Commission spokesman Christian Wigand. Therefore, the certificate will be extended until June 30, 2023.

This will help us to manage a possible infection surge after the summer. We have seen over the past two pandemic years that events can change quickly and it is clear that we must act quickly if necessary.

A good decision, thinks Tiemo Wölken. The health politician sits for the Social Democrats in the EU Parliament. The extension means leaving a proven instrument in the toolbox that can be used again quickly if the number of cases increases dramatically again, or if a more dangerous variant spreads again, according to Wölken.

Vaccination status remains unchanged

The QR code as proof of vaccination is usually stored on the cell phone. However, the technical validity of these digital certificates expires automatically after 365 days. You will receive a message in the app 28 days beforehand, in which the proof can be updated again with just a few clicks

The current vaccination status itself remains unaffected, says Peter Liese. The CDU politician and health policy spokesman for the EPP, the largest group in the EU Parliament, is also convinced that the certificate is still needed. Also because it is very successful: “Well over a billion certificates have been issued in the EU and the countries linked to the EU, and that is why it is extremely important that this certificate is now extended so that we can have a safe winter.”

With three vaccinations, the certificate is valid indefinitely

The vaccination certificates should make it possible to travel largely uncomplicated even if there is a possible increase in the incidence of infection in autumn and winter. They are therefore only valid for border crossings. However, it is unclear which people can benefit from it. Because while the evidence from the third vaccination applies indefinitely, the basic immunization with mostly two vaccinations across the EU for adults only lasts 270 days.

As long as these nine months have not yet expired, you can extend your term with a booster. All other double-vaccinated people can only hope for leniency from the health authorities or may have to resort to tests again.

What does the extension of the Covid certificate mean

Matthias Reiche, ARD Brussels, June 14, 2022 7:36 p.m

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