Uvalde School Massacre: Report – Systematic Police Failure (Video)

Watch the video: Uvalde school massacre – report documents systematic police failure.

STORY: There were terrible moments that lasted far too long. “Systematic failure,” according to the Texas parliament’s report on police action in the Uvalde school shooting in May this year. In the committee’s report, not only the local authorities, but for the first time also the security forces of the state of Texas and the federal government, are held responsible for the chaotic situation at the time. The attacker fired for over an hour, killing 21 people, including many children, without police being able to subdue him. According to local media reports, the report states that nearly 400 security officers arrived at the school following reports of an attacker. Most were federal and state police officers. Their tactical behavior is described in the report as hesitant and haphazard. It is the most comprehensive investigation to date of the dramatic school massacre.

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