USA: TV meteorologist and pilot die in helicopter crash

United States
TV meteorologist and pilot die in helicopter crash

The police are investigating in the USA after a helicopter crash (symbol photo)

A TV meteorologist crashed in a helicopter in the US state of North Carolina. The weather expert and the pilot were on the road to report from the air for the TV station. Particularly sad: Your colleagues had to report live about the crash – and fought back tears.

A TV meteorologist and his pilot crashed in a helicopter Tuesday in the US state of North Carolina. Jason Myers and pilot Chip Tayag were working for local television station WBTV when they crashed near Interstate 77 in the Charlotte area shortly before noon.

As reported by the Associated Press news agency, among others, the pilot managed to prevent the helicopter from crashing onto the multi-lane highway. Police Chief Johnny Jennings praised the pilot’s reaction: “The pilot is a hero in my eyes. Witnesses stated that the pilot swerved off the freeway to save lives,” he wrote on Twitter. “Because of his heroic actions there were no other casualties or vehicles on the highway involved in the incident.”

TV meteorologist in the US leaves behind a wife and four children

Particularly tragic: the two moderators Jamie Boll and Molly Grantham then had to report on the death of their colleagues for a long time, fighting back tears. They reported the incident live for at least 90 minutes without confirming the deaths of the two. They only did so after making sure the families had been notified.

According to the broadcaster, Chip Tayag has been working as a pilot for 20 years and has been working for the television station since 2017. “He was considered one of the best pilots who was constantly educating himself to become even better,” WBTV said in a statement. He just celebrated his third wedding anniversary in August. Jason Myers leaves behind a wife and four children.

The cause of the crash is still unclear. The National Traffic Safety Authority and the Federal Aviation Authority have launched investigations.

Back Hawk – US crash

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Sources: Associated Press, WBTVTwitter

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