USA: Trump can not stop release of tax documents

United States
Trump can’t stop release of tax documents

Former US President Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate. photo

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For years, Donald Trump has resisted disclosing his tax records. In a legal dispute with a congressional committee, he goes all the way to the Supreme Court, where he is now defeated.

Former US President Donald Trump has failed in the country’s Supreme Court in an attempt to stop the release of his tax records to a congressional committee.

The Supreme Court yesterday denied a request by Trump’s attorneys to stop the tax documents from being sent to the House Treasury Committee. The Republican had used legal means to prevent the documents from being handed over to the Democratic-led committee for several years and finally failed at the highest level. Democrats responded with satisfaction to the decision.

Renewed candidacy in 2024

Contrary to usual practice in the United States, real estate entrepreneur Trump did not make his tax returns public either as a presidential candidate or after moving into the White House. Critics therefore suspect that he has something to hide. Trump announced last week that he would run again as a Republican presidential candidate in the 2024 election.

The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives has been trying to get hold of the documents for years. During Trump’s administration, the Treasury Department initially stood in the way. It was only in the administration of successor Joe Biden last year that the Treasury Department finally instructed the IRS to hand over the documents to the committee. Trump fought back in court and tried various instances until the only option left was to go to the US Supreme Court.

Papers must be disclosed

The Supreme Court initially stopped the release of the documents in early November at the urgent request of Trump’s lawyers and gave both sides the opportunity to comment. In the end, however, the Supreme Court paved the way for the disclosure of the papers.

It is a last-minute success for the committee: Since the Republicans won the majority in the US midterm elections and will be in charge there from the beginning of January, the Democratic-led body has little time to do anything about the matter . The committee’s persistence has paid off, said its chairman, Democrat Richard Neal. “The committee will now exercise the oversight that we have sought over the past three and a half years.”

Pelosi delighted

Outgoing Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the Chamber of Congress looks forward to “receiving and reviewing these documents promptly.” The court’s decision strengthens democracy and Congress’ ability to exercise its oversight responsibilities.

Trump is currently involved in various legal disputes – including because of taking secret government documents to his private estate after leaving the White House. In view of its new presidential ambitions, the US Department of Justice put the ongoing investigations in the hands of an external special investigator.


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