USA: Remains of missing child found in landfill

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Remains found in landfill: Police arrest mother of missing toddler

So far there is no trace of the two-year-old Quinton S. from the USA

About a month ago, a little boy disappeared in the US state of Georgia. The police were at times looking for him with more than 40 FBI officers. Now mortal remains have been found in a landfill – and the child’s mother has been arrested.

It is still unclear whether the remains found at a landfill site in Chatham County, Georgia are those of little Quinton. The two-year-old was reported missing by his mother on October 5. Apparently he had disappeared from his playpen. A full-scale search for the toddler began, involving more than 40 FBI officials. Rescuers searched for the child in areas where he may have become lost, including a pond, drains, dumpsters and nearby woods.

But his mother quickly became the target of the authorities. The 22-year-old is the main suspect in the case. Police suspect they dumped the boy’s body in a dumpster.

Missing toddler in the US: Police search landfill

Officials therefore began searches at a nearby landfill where they suspected the boy’s body – and finally found what they were looking for after 30 days. “On Friday, November 18, 2022, law enforcement officials at the Waste Management Landfill discovered human remains on the landfill site,” Chatham County Police said in a statement Monday. “Further testing — including DNA evidence — is being conducted to confirm that the remains are indeed human and whether they are Quinton’s remains,” police said in a statement.

When searching the landfill, officials combed through almost 700,000 thousand kilograms of garbage. “The working conditions were grueling and dangerous and the searchers knew the chances of finding Quinton were slim,” the statement continued. “Historically, the FBI says landfill searches are only successful 5 percent of the time.”

The mother has since been arrested on suspicion of murder and is now in jail awaiting a bail hearing.

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