USA: Rapper and two friends missing after canceled performance

Aspiring rapper and two friends missing after canceled gig

In the USA, the police are looking for three missing men (symbolic photo)

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A mysterious missing persons case employs the police in the USA. In the US state of Michigan, a rapper and his two friends have disappeared for a few days after a performance in Detroit was canceled.

An aspiring rapper and his two friends have been missing in the United States for 11 days. The 27-year-old performed on January 21 in Detroit, Michigan, but it was cancelled. His two friends accompanied him to the performance. But since the cancellation, all three men have disappeared.

As reported by the “New York Times”, among others, no activity has been detected on the men’s mobile phones since then. Rapper Armani Kelly left his hometown of Oscoda in his mother’s car around 11 a.m. that day. The car was found on January 23 in the nearby town of Warren. However, there was no trace of the three men.

Missing rapper in the USA: police are investigating

Most recently, Kelly is said to have called his fiancée around 5 p.m. He told her that the performance had been canceled due to technical issues and that he would be looking for another venue. By 9 p.m., her messages were no longer being delivered. “What was frankly most concerning was the fact that their phones have not been active since they were reported missing,” Detroit Police Chief James E. White said at a Tuesday news conference. “And that’s very, very worrying. It’s an unusual circumstance.” Authorities are urging anyone with information about the missing men or their whereabouts to contact police departments, White said.

The three men had previously met in a prison where the 27-year-old had been imprisoned for eight years for an armed robbery. According to his fiancée, he wanted to change his life, took classes at a trade school and looked for connections in the music industry. The couple, who live in separate cities, soon wanted to buy a house together and get married.

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